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Water Purifier/Reverse Osmosis/Ro on Rent

Not just Rent a Ro but get the superior quality Ro on Rent equipped with quality spare parts which can guarantee the supply of purest water every day. Our rental RO is backed with quality and on-time service.

Want value for money, call us for the best RO, UV or RO + UV machine on Rent.


  • Unlimited Supply of fresh, clean & pure drinking water
  • No more hassle of buying expensive water bottles
  • Don't have to wait for water delivery
  • Save your precious money, time & space
  • Installation, Services, Maintenance & Filter Replacement included
  • Fixed low monthly charges. Your payments always stays the same regardless of consumption


300/- Per Month

RO+UV+UF+TDS Adjuster

360/- Per Month


400/- Per Month

Initial Cost Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 16,000/-
After One Year Maintenace
Cost Rs. 3000/- to Rs. 4500/-

Cost Rs. 40/- to Rs. 70/-
For a 20 Litre Jar
Quality of Water Not Guaranteed.

RO on Rent is Best for

RO on Rent service is best for the couples, family or individuals who are shifted to a particular place on temporary basis & do not want to invest on any kind of product which they do not want to carry with them, yet they need water purifier system for pure drinking water.

Cost Benefit:

Cost of RO water purifier may be the issue but the maintenance of RO is a costly proposition as compare to RO on Rent. Water Canes for pure drinking water is also an expensive thing.

Opt for RO on Rent and you only have to pay the Rent of machine and we will take care of the maintenance and all other things.

Quality of the Product

We use best parts available in the market to design our product. We can gurantee the quality of our product & assure the supply of pure and safe water.

Due to our prompt service we are the best in customer retention, so you can be sure of the best services with savings.